Are ‘people problems’ getting in the way of your organisation’s purpose?

Take part in our elephant-in-the-room survey

What workplace problems stand in the way of your cause and how you communicate it? Are you truly living the story you want to tell? Brave leaders, the elephant-in-the-room survey is your chance to air the difficult stuff preventing you from making a difference — and find out what’s going on for others in your space.

What’s this about ‘elephants in the room’?

Making the world a better place starts from within. That’s why it’s important to recognise the workplace issues that undermine the good we want to achieve. And how — whether as a charity, public-sector body or purpose-driven enterprise — we tell a story about that good through brand and communications.

By workplace issues, we mean the stuff that’s difficult to talk about. The unspoken tensions and unhelpful behaviours that damage relationships — and brands. The barriers to building a culture of values and uniting around a strong identity.

The truth is, there are always elephants in the room. The real danger is what happens if we don't call them out. There’s too much at stake, from the wellbeing of our staff to the impact of our work.

If we can address the human issues that divide us, surely we can focus more on the purpose that unites us in doing the work that matters?

By sharing our experiences, we can spark constructive conversations about challenges in organisations like yours. Will you add your voice? It’ll only take a few minutes, we promise. 

Neo & Tuff Leadership Training

A partnership of identity and culture

We’re Neo, a UK-based communications consultancy that helps organisations to build purposeful, lasting identities. Our friends at Swedish-born Tuff Leadership Training, meanwhile, train people to build healthier workplace cultures. Brand and culture are inseparable, which is why we’ve teamed up. We want to see those doing the work that matters work better.

We’ve seen and heard first-hand how unhelpful workplace dynamics can damage projects, people and purpose. We believe there’s a different way to work, and to shape who we are and how we are as organisations. And we want you to be a part of it.

It’s time to talk about the elephants in the room — or, as the Swedes at Tuff Leadership would say, “mooseheads on the table”.

Will you join us?

In a nutshell

Elephant-in-the-room is an anonymous survey on working culture and identity in purpose-driven organisations. It’s open to anyone working in those organisations, but is perhaps especially relevant to leaders and people working in communications and HR. The survey is connected to an independent industry-wide study we're doing with Birmingham City University. More on that later!

This survey is anonymous

Be assured that this survey is entirely anonymous. Results won't be attributed individually or to any organisation names. So, please share and bare as much as you can.